Crispy Crab Nuggets anyone?

Today I went out to lunch with my sister and we were talking about making the tagalong pound cake,  which by the way we did and was awesome!  She then told me about a crab recipe she was thinking of making for a party we are going to at a mutual friends house next month.  So I told her, let’s do the recipe together and I’ll put it in my blog.  Done!

So a little background about me.  I grew up in Maryland.  Anyone who knows Maryland, knows that we are known for our delicious blue crabs!  Everyone in Maryland loves crabs and we are always super critical of crab recipes.  In fact, we typically will not even order any kind of crab recipes at restaurants outside of the state of Maryland.

When my sis wanted to try this recipe, I was a bit skeptical at first.  But thought, let’s do it!  So here we are.

The recipe is one she saw on Facebook.  Originally, it was from a site called, which is now no longer active.  But another site, posted the recipe last year so here’s the link:

The recipe calls for 3 slices of white bread or breadcrumbs.  We opted to use breadcrumbs.  But since we didn’t have an actual measurement, we guessed.  We ended up using about 2 cups total.  We also substituted yellow mustard in for the Dijon mustard, it’s a Maryland thing.  Just trust me.  We kept the rest of the ingredients the same.

So how’d it turn out?……….

We give it a thumbs up!  It definitely sticks!  Perfect for an appetizer and definitely to bring to a party!  Personally we love a little lemon squirted on our crab cakes, so I’d suggest that to finish them off right before serving.  We also like the cakes a bit spicier, so more Old Bay.  But that’s just our personal preference.  If you don’t prefer spicy things, never fear, this recipe tastes great as is!

Try it and let me know what you think!


Crispy Crab Nuggets

1 pound fresh crab meat

3 slices of white bread, crust removed or packaged bread crumbs
1 egg beaten
1 tablespoon mayonnaise
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
1 tablespoon Old Bay Seasoning
1 tablespoon parsley

Put breadcrumbs in food processor so they are chopped up fine(to save time). In a large bowl, mix together egg, mayonnaise, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, parsley, and Old Bay seasoning. Add breadcrumbs and crab meat and mix by hand to avoid breaking up too many of the lumps. You may need to break up the very large lumps however so the crab balls will stay together. Shape into 24 balls and fry in batches in hot oil until golden brown, turning once. Drain on paper towels.



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