Crab, crab and more crab

Yesterday, we decided to get some crabs to celebrate our daughter coming home from camp.  She loves crabs so what better way to celebrate than to have one of her favorite foods!  It was only my husband, my daughter and myself eating.  Her younger brothers are both allergic to shellfish so they stay away.  We got 18 crabs and ate all but 10.   Which left me with the obvious question…..what should I make with the leftovers?!?!!?

Well, my first answer was to make crab cakes.  But I wasn’t sure if we’d have enough crab to make more than a couple small cakes.  So what’s the next best thing????  Crab soup!!  So on to the Internet I went to find a low carb option.  Yes, we are still low carb eating.   And this is what I found……

 Low Carb Crab Soup on FoodieDateNight food blog.  This recipe appealed to me because it was 1. Easy and 2. Similar to what I would normally do myself.

Having said that, I still made some changes to the recipe.  First, the recipe calls for fennel.  I am not a huge fennel fan.  I recognize its flavor profile, being sweet licorice, is a great compliment for seafood.  But for me, I don’t like the flavor enough to add it.  Plus I didn’t feel like buying any at the store.  Second, the recipe also calls for adding Parmesan cheese to the soup.  Call me a crab soup purist, but adding cheese to a cream of crab soup is just a big NO! for this Maryland native.  Lastly, instead of white wine, I opted to use Sherry cooking wine.  I chose Sherry wine because it’s a natural addition to most bisque recipes, which this recipe reminds me of.

Other than those changes, the only other thing I did was to add a bit more Old Bay because, well, I’m from Maryland and we love our Old Bay!  The recipe itself is fast and easy.  It really only took me 30 minutes to get it ready.  Oh, I also added some green beans to my soup.  I felt like I needed some veggie to go with my dinner and instead of eating it separately, I figured I would add it to the soup.


Doesn’t that just look delish?!?!!!!  Well it was!  For anyone loving some more carbs, adding potato and some corn would be absolute heaven in this soup!

As you can guess, this recipe is a sticker for sure!!!!



Everyone loves pizza bites

I was totally craving pizza the other day.  But being that we are eating low carb, I had to get creative.  I typically do my Cauliflower Pizza Crust.  See here for my post about that.   But I wasn’t in the mood to go through making the crust.  I mean, I was in super lazy mode.  Then I remembered these little nuggets of awesomeness that I had made for Super Bowl snacks earlier this year.  Obviously they were a big huge hit!  Super easy and quick!


This recipe I found on Pinterest and was from blog.  Here is a link to her recipe –> Mini pizza bites.  It has to be pure genius that created these bites of awesomeness!  Besides being super easy, they are so versatile.  My hubby likes sausage and mushroom, I’m a pepperoni freak and my kids are plain Jane.  Whipping up all these different kinds at once is just to easy to explain.  You just try these!

Here’s a pic of how mine turned out.  Obviously not the best pic.  But boy were they yummy!  I also didn’t have the mini pepperoni’s on hand, so I used regular ones and cut them.  The mini ones are really perfect for these little bites.

Seriously, after you try these, you’ll always have these on hand to make for a quick lunch or snack!  I used lower carb tortillas to suit our diet right now, but using any brand would work great!  Enjoy!  These little babies stick for sure!!!


Low carb chicken wings

My favorite go to for chicken wings is a recipe that I found on YouTube. Years ago, my hubby and I were doing a low carb diet and it happened to be around football season. Well there’s no other tailgate food like some yummy Buffalo Wings. Typically they are breaded and fried. But equally as delicious are ones not breaded.

After looking at many recipes, I came across this one and it has become our household wings. Everyone that eats them, loves them! They are the perfect compliment of spicy and sweet.  The recipe is from Kent Altena.  He has a great YouTube channel for low carb eating.

Here’s a link to the video –> Low Carb Chicken Wings

Try them! These will stick for sure!


Easy Three Ingredient Nutella Brownies

My daughter and her friends are really getting into baking.  They like finding recipes on YouTube and then they’ll follow them.  Typically the things they try turn out delicious.  Makes me so proud to watch them in the kitchen.  Now if I could get them to love cooking as well!

So as I was scrolling through Facebook, I came across this video of making easy Nutella brownies.  And even better, it only has 3 ingredients!  So I knew we had to try this out.  Here’s a link to the video —>  Easy Nutella Brownies.


 I showed the girls the recipe and they were off.  This recipe was as easy as you’d imagine. With only three ingredients….you seriously can’t go wrong.

As you may have guessed, these were a winner! It totally sticks! Here is a pic of how our brownies turned out!



The real beauty about this recipe is its versatility. If you like peanut butter, I could easily see adding that swirled into the batter before baking. Like chocolate chips? Add those as well!

Try this and let me know how you made it your own! Enjoy!!!!


Crockpot Ranch Chicken

Yesterday I was looking for an easy crockpot chicken recipe. But I had one caveat, it had to be low in carbs. My husband and I are watching our carb intake, so I went searching on Pinterest.

I found this recipe on for Crockpot Ranch Chicken –> Crockpot Ranch Chicken.


This recipe contains only 4 ingredients. But I added a 5th to add a bit more moisture. I added a can of Rotel. I thought it added a nice depth of flavor. I also used the Spicy Ranch packet instead of the regular ranch. I like things with a kick for sure!

The results: One very tasty chicken dish! The cream cheese didn’t mix in very well. It kinda looked like curdled milk. But regardless it tastes yummy! Here’s a pic of my dinner.

It was delish and definitely sticking in my book!  Try it’s!


Dark chocolate Guiness cake with a Bailey’s cream cheese frosting

Oh yes you read that title right!  And if you are wondering if it’s as good as it sounds…well read on my friend!  So back near St. Patrick’s Day, my friend saw this awesome recipe on Facebook and posted it on my wall to get me to make it.  Well fast forward a few months and I forgot all about it.  But recently, she posted it again and I thought…ok now is the time!  We were celebrating a birthday but I was told there wasn’t going to be any cake at the party.  Well not on my watch!  

Here is a link to the recipe –> Dark Chocolate Guiness Cake.  Trust me…you will want to try this out!


I will preface this review with this one fact.  I am not a baker.  I try…but inherently I don’t do well baking from scratch.  With that said, this has got to be the easiest cake and icing recipe I’ve ever tried!  Whether you are a beginner baker or advanced…this is a must try!

Scared about baking with Guiness? Don’t be! I used Guiness from a can. It added so much moisture to the cake and a great depth of flavor. It doesn’t have a Guiness taste at all. In fact, I would’ve preferred some Guiness flavor. But it was so delicious that I was fine with it as is!


When I made this, I split the recipe so that I could make cupcakes and the cake.  So this recipe makes plenty for all!  

Yep, this recipe sticks for sure!!!