Spicy Cilantro Garlic Shrimp

I was looking for a healthy dish that I could make that wouldn’t take very long to whip up.  And I came across this recipe and thought, this is exactly what I need!  The recipe is a Spicy Cilantro Garlic Shrimp and I found it on Hispanic Kitchen‘s website.  Here is a link to the recipe –>  Spicy Cilantro Garlic Shrimp.


Doesn’t that just look yummy!   The best part is how easy it is to cook.  She has you grilling the shrimp in a foil packet!  This was easy and healthy!  Did I mention quick?!?  Everyone loved this recipe!  This definitely is gonna stick!



Jamaican Jerk Pulled Pork????

I absolutely love Jamaican food, with Jamaican Jerk definitely at the top of my list!  My husband and I got married in Jamaica and we fell in love instantly with the people, the food and the country.  We try to go back often but now it’s been quite a few years since we’ve gone.  We did go on a cruise for Christmas this year, and one of the stops was Jamaica.  So we did get to spend a day there.  But we really need a much longer stay to feed our souls.   Guess we’ll need to start planning a trip soon then!  Until then, I love making Jamaican Jerk chicken meatballs.  It really gives me that jerk kick that I love.  Since I keep a lot of jerk seasoning in the house, I decided I would try making some pulled pork with it.  I came across this recipe on the Betty Crock website –>  http://www.bettycrocker.com/recipes/slow-cooker-pulled-jerk-pork-sandwiches/f558c09b-c766-438b-bb85-963dc7a60fb5. jerk pulled pork It was quite simple to make…with very few ingredients.  I have used Cola before in making pulled pork in my crock pot and thought this recipe looked right up my alley.  Since my son had his championship tackle football game on Saturday, I knew it would be a great time to try this recipe.  So I whipped it up lickety split before we headed out to his game.  When we came home, the whole house smelled so amazing!  Love coming home to the smell of something yummy cooking in the crock pot. I have to say I was super disappointed though in the taste.  It really didn’t have the jerk flavor I was hoping for (and I added an additional tablespoon of seasoning to mine).  It was very bland in fact.  So I added some salt to see if that would help.  It didn’t.    Now the pulled pork isn’t bad.  It just doesn’t taste Jamaican Jerk.   So for me, this recipe was a thumbs down.  Sorry Betty Crocker….maybe next time. IMG_1776-0

Chocolate + Pastry = YUMMY!!!!!

Yesterday I was making the delicious and easy sopapilla recipes and my youngest son, who I call “Kid 3”, wasn’t liking any of them.  Not sure why because I thought they were delicious!  But to each his own.  Kid 3 loves getting the chocolate pastries at Panera Bread.  So he asked if I could make him something like that.  No problem KId 3!  I’ll just consult my trusted Google search engine!

And then this delicious recipe came up on Epicurious.com for Petits Pains Au Chocolate  –>  http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/petits-pains-au-chocolat-109l374 or as I call them, Chocolate Pastries!

chocolate pastry

The recipe couldn’t be easier.  I love, love, love easy…can’t you tell!   Especially when it comes to baking!  The only ingredients you need are egg, puff pastry and chocolate.  I used Hershey chocolate mini bars.  I found they fit perfectly.  I cut up my pastry sheets into 12 squares.  I egg washed each side, put the the chocolate bar in the middle, laid a square piece on top and then crimped the edges.

Here’s a quick tip —  I use sugar underneath the puff pastry to keep it from sticking to my board.  Plus it makes it nice and sweet.  Win win!  Top your pastries with egg wash and bake.  Comes out perfect every time!

By the way, I use this same technique when making Guava pastries, obviously substituting chocolate for guava paste.  OMG…seriously amazing!  You must try it with Guava too!  I finish the chocolate pastries with a drizzle of chocolate syrup on top.  So delish!  Here’s how mine looked when they came out!


Kid 3 actually said they tasted better than Panera!  Now if that’s not the best compliment, I don’t know what is!  This recipe is definitely sticking!!  You must try it!


Happy Cinco de Mayo – celebrate with some easy Sopapillas!

Who doesn’t love Cinco de Mayo!?!?  We celebrate it every year.  Ironically, most people don’t even know what the holiday is about, including me.  So if you are part of that crowd, here’s a refresher.

Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over the French forces of Napoleon III on May 5, 1862, at the Battle of Puebla.

Mexico had troubles paying back war debts to European countries, and France had come to Mexico to collect that debt.  Cinco de Mayo has become more of an American holiday than a Mexican one. But most non-Mexican Americans don’t know the origination of the holiday and if you were one of them, now you know!  You’re welcome!  Now let’s talk easy Sopapillas!

Now like any other American that loves this holiday, my husband and I had already planned to go out and drink at a local brewery.  I know, I know.  That’s not a margarita.  Sadly, I swore off tequila after a bad run-in back in my mid 20’s.   So for me, I am going to just stick with beer.   To celebrate the holiday, my daughter, I affectionately call “Kid 1”, asked if I could make Sopapillas.  I love that my kids just think I know how to cook everything.  She takes Spanish in school, so that’s where she heard of Sopapillas.  I also took Spanish in High School, which was about the last time I made them.

As you’d guess, I decided to consult the internet, as everyone does, looking for recipes that were quick and easy.  And I did.  I also found one, not so simple recipe.  And being a bit shy about baking from my recent debacle with the galette…I decided to stick with the easy ones.

One recipe that I found used crescent rolls.  Well that couldn’t be easier!  Sign me up!  The recipe is from a site called Ohbiteit.com.  Here is a link to the recipe:  http://www.ohbiteit.com/2012/08/crescent-sopapillas.html.


And just as advertised, it was super easy!  You just take crescent rolls, cut them into triangles and then fry them.  Drizzle them with powdered sugar or honey or both and voila!  Here’s how mine turned out!


So as you can see it looks yummy!  But mine turned out a bit oily.  I wasn’t a fan.  It tasted ok in parts that weren’t soaked in oil.  I don’t know what I did wrong there.  I checked Ohbiteit.com’s recipe for comments and saw that there was one comment (out of a lot) that had the same issue as mine.  So maybe I did something wrong.  Ohbiteit recommended to fry at a lower temp. Maybe I’ll try that next time.  Because of the oiliness, I think I’m undecided about whether this recipe sticks.  So for now, it’s just an Okay from me.


On to the second recipe!  So the second, easy recipe is made with puff pastry.  Again, how super easy right?!?!  The recipe I found was on a blog called KitchenMeetsGirl.  Here is a link to her recipe:  http://kitchenmeetsgirl.com/so-easy-sopapillas/


These easy sopapillas come out exactly as the picture looks! And it truly is super easy and fast.  You seriously don’t do anything but thaw out puff pastry, bake and then sprinkle with sugar and/or honey.  Now I will say, these are not exactly authentic….but who cares?!?  They are delish!!!!!  Here’s how mine looked when they came out!


So for me, this recipe definitely sticks!  And Kid 1 approved!!!  Try both and let me know what you think!


Filipino BBQ chicken

I’m pretty certain that everyone is a mutt…that is everyone’s heritage is made up of multiple ethnicities. Like me….my Mother is Filipino and my father is American. I’m a total mutt. And I love it!

Growing up, my Mom introduced us to so many delicious Filipino dishes. And a few not so delicious. Lol! The other day, I was googling some Filipino recipes and I came across this one for bbq chicken on the Damngoodfoodblog.com. It’s a recipe adapted from Eating Club Vancouver. Here is a link to the recipe: Philippine BBQ Chicken.


My husband will tell you, I am not a chicken fan. I cook it only because he loves it so much. I didn’t eat much chicken ever, with the exception of Popeye’s fried chicken, until we got married. Then I had to learn to make it.

I like to find new recipes for chicken otherwise I get way too tired of it. When I came across this recipe, I knew I had to try it! We made it yesterday and it is definitely sticking! Super delicious! So much so, that he asked me to make more for us to have again this week.  Below is a pic of the chicken tonight after he pulled them off the grill.

The recipe is quite simple with very few ingredients. One surprise ingredient is Sprite. I know right??!! I’ve cooked with Coke before so I thought, ok I’ll try it. No regrets here! So yummilicious!!!  Oh and the secret???  Baste the chicken as much as you can while grilling!  I promise, it’s worth every bite!

This is a winner! Definitely try it!





Blueberries and cheesecake…a combination to try?

Blueberries are my absolute favorite fruit! I just love to cook with them! I don’t think you could really make anything bad with them. I was craving something sweet the other day so I decided to make something with my favorite fruit! I came across this yummy looking recipe for a blueberry cheesecake galette. A galette is just a fancy word for an open face flat pie. This recipe I found on Foodnetwork’s site. Here is a link to it: Blueberry Cheesecake Galette.


Doesn’t that just look yummy???? The recipe has you making homemade crust. Definitely not my forte! In the past, I’ve never been that successful with baking. But I decided to try it anyway. I made a vow to myself a couple years ago that I would try baking more. So I am biting the bullet and trying this recipe.

The crust is pretty easy to make and comes together quickly. My problem was rolling it out. I was all thumbs. The dough kept sticking to the parchment paper. Uggh. It definitely did not come very easy for me. But I managed and got it done.

The blueberry mixture and the cheesecake mixtures were thankfully super easy. I used frozen blueberries. Big mistake. When my galette was cooking, the juices became too watery and it leaked out. Because of that, I would opt for fresh blueberries. Or if using frozen, I would just make sure they were completely thawed.


Here’s my galette. Ta da!!!! I decided to add some powdered sugar on top to make it look a bit more appetizing. Not sure if I accomplished that.


So is this recipe a sticker? For me, I don’t think so. The likelihood of me making this again is pretty slim. It tasted good. My hubby and daughter both liked it. But it was messy and after refrigerating the leftovers, it became hard as a rock and wasn’t appetizing at all. So for me, I’m going to have to give this recipe a big thumbs down.

Time to look for another sweet recipe to try!