Welcome to Hope it Sticks!

This blog is really about my love of food!  Yes I love food!  Always have and always will!  I love trying new foods, new recipes, and sharing what I learn to all my friends and family.  So I decided what better way than to start a blog.  I am always online looking for recipes.  I usually get inspiration on what to cook, then I’ll search for a yummy recipe and then I’ll try it.  Some recipes I love.  Some are just ok.  And some I decide are better to keep on the internet.   So that’s what this blog will be about.  The recipes I find.  What happens when I try it out.  And in the end, I’ll tell all you which ones stick!  Then you can try them and hopefully we’ll all keep them in our back pocket to use forever.  Welcome to my blog, Hope it Sticks!  Let’s see what’s going to stick now!