Low Carb Crab Cakes

A few weeks ago, we decided to have a typical Maryland style crab feast.  Having grown up in Maryland, both my husband and I, just love, love, love crabs.  Well we had a ton of crab leftover, so my daughter asked me to make crab cakes.

Well days went by and then weeks and I never made the crab cakes.  The other day I came across the extra crab meat in the freezer, and we decided to throw it out since it was old.  It may have been ok, but we didn’t want to take any chances.

Needless to say, I was feeling guilty for not making the crab cakes.  But today, I lucked out!  I was grocery shopping at The Fresh Market and they had Lump Crab Meat on sale 20% off!  I took it as a sign from the Universe.  Time to make crab cakes!

I googled a low carb recipe and came across a crab cake one from the blog, IBreatheImHungry.  She has lots of great gluten free and low carb recipes.  Here is a link to it –> Low Carb Crab Cakes.

I’ve seen a number of recipes from this blog and they’ve always looked delish.   Not to mention, this recipe is very close to how I usually make my crab cakes.  But I’ve never tried making them low carb before.  So why not.  I figured I’d give it a go. 

The surprise ingredient is Coconut flour, which replaces the white flour and breadcrumbs as the binding agent.  I found that as a binder, it just doesn’t keep the crab cake together as well as white flour and breadcrumbs would.  But that didn’t matter to me at all.  The flavor of these cakes is super delicious!   I did not miss the typical breadcrumbs or flour at all.   In fact, I will probably opt to make this recipe over my typical crab cake recipe from now on!

Here’s how my cakes looked before cooking.

And here’s now they looked after cooking.  


You can really see how they didn’t hold together.  But they browned up beautiful in the coconut oil and the flavor is just spot on!  My daughter asked for seconds and didn’t want to stop eating it!

All in all…this recipe definitely sticks!  You have got to try it for sure!



Crab, crab and more crab

Yesterday, we decided to get some crabs to celebrate our daughter coming home from camp.  She loves crabs so what better way to celebrate than to have one of her favorite foods!  It was only my husband, my daughter and myself eating.  Her younger brothers are both allergic to shellfish so they stay away.  We got 18 crabs and ate all but 10.   Which left me with the obvious question…..what should I make with the leftovers?!?!!?

Well, my first answer was to make crab cakes.  But I wasn’t sure if we’d have enough crab to make more than a couple small cakes.  So what’s the next best thing????  Crab soup!!  So on to the Internet I went to find a low carb option.  Yes, we are still low carb eating.   And this is what I found……

 Low Carb Crab Soup on FoodieDateNight food blog.  This recipe appealed to me because it was 1. Easy and 2. Similar to what I would normally do myself.

Having said that, I still made some changes to the recipe.  First, the recipe calls for fennel.  I am not a huge fennel fan.  I recognize its flavor profile, being sweet licorice, is a great compliment for seafood.  But for me, I don’t like the flavor enough to add it.  Plus I didn’t feel like buying any at the store.  Second, the recipe also calls for adding Parmesan cheese to the soup.  Call me a crab soup purist, but adding cheese to a cream of crab soup is just a big NO! for this Maryland native.  Lastly, instead of white wine, I opted to use Sherry cooking wine.  I chose Sherry wine because it’s a natural addition to most bisque recipes, which this recipe reminds me of.

Other than those changes, the only other thing I did was to add a bit more Old Bay because, well, I’m from Maryland and we love our Old Bay!  The recipe itself is fast and easy.  It really only took me 30 minutes to get it ready.  Oh, I also added some green beans to my soup.  I felt like I needed some veggie to go with my dinner and instead of eating it separately, I figured I would add it to the soup.


Doesn’t that just look delish?!?!!!!  Well it was!  For anyone loving some more carbs, adding potato and some corn would be absolute heaven in this soup!

As you can guess, this recipe is a sticker for sure!!!!