Vegan Potstickers

Eating vegan is much easier than I thought.  But sometimes you want variety.  Enter in the idea to make potstickers!  I’m Asian so I love any food that contains soy sauce.   When I looked it up, potstickers can be made vegan super easily.  The wonton wrappers you find at your local grocery store are vegan.  Totally didn’t realize that!  But what a great surprise!  But I decided to look up a recipe to make my own.  I just wanted to see if I could do it.  So I found this recipe for a potsticker dough from and went to work —> Potsticker Dough.  I found the dough to be tricky to roll out but once I got the hang of it, I was good to go.

The dough was very tricky and sticky.  I had let it sit together too long and it was so hard to get them apart.  I had to Errol most of them.  So if you plan on making your own dough, use it right after rolling.  For me, I’ll just stick to using the store bought wonton wrappers.  It’s just easier and I’m lazy.

The filling I used was made from tofu and veggies.   I went with Chinese cabbage, carrots and mushrooms and green onions.  It was a super quick and easy filling to make.  Here’s a pic of my filling.  I just added a little soy sauce and sesame oil for flavoring.

So all in all, I’m super stoked that potstickers are vegan!  I just loved these!  Even though I won’t be making my own dough, I totally loved these dumpling and thought it was worth it!  Give it a try!


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