Vegan Pizza

One of our favorite Friday night meals (ok let’s be for real…really any night meal) is Pizza.   But because we are eating vegan now, eating pizza is a no go.  But this past week was a long week, and I decided to attempt a vegan pizza recipe.  There were a bunch of recipes.  Some used gluten free flours.  Others used cauliflower. Mother majority replace the eggs in the crust with either flax eggs or chia eggs.    Which is just a 1:3 ratio of flax seed or chia seed to water.  You let it sit and it turns into an eggy type consistency.  I decided to go with a more veggie based crust…the cauliflower crust.  Typical cauliflower crust calls for cheese and eggs as a binder.  It’s truly one of my favorite crusts.  So delish.  Since I love it so much, I hoped this vegan approach would turn out equally as well.
Here is the recipe that I went with, from —> Vegan Cauliflower Pizza Crust.  This crust takes a bit of time to make.  But easy nonetheless.  The pic below is of the crust after it came out of the oven.  Note the really dark spots.  I did not press my dough uniformly and so the spots that were too thin got really dark.  Oops!

Once the crust came out, it was clear that it wasn’t going to be as sturdy as my usual cauliflower crust.  So I opted not to load it with a bunch of veggies, that would really only make it more soggy.  It was clear, this pizza was going to be eaten with a fork.  I put pizza sauce and vegan cheese shreds by Go Veggie on the pizza to finish it off.  Then back in the oven to cook for just 10 more mins.  Voila….pizza is served!

All in all, I didn’t care for this pizza.  Between the fake cheese and the moist crust, I forced myself to eat my couple slices.  The crust tasted good but because of its sogginess, I won’t be using it again.  If a moist crust is ok with you, try it, but for me, this recipe doesn’t stick.


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