Mushrooms mushrooms oh how I love thee!

I do love mushrooms.  I’m pretty sure I’d be happy eating mushrooms for every meal of the day.  Being that we are eating vegan for the month, I set out looking for a yummy mushroom pasta dish.  I came across this recipe from the Wholefoods Market website and decided to give it a try.  Here’s a link to it —> Mushroom Stroganoff.  

Normally a stroganoff is made with sour cream.  This recipe gets that same creamy texture by utilizing a cashew cream.  Let me tell you….I love cashew cream!  I put it in my coffee to replace regular dairy creamer….it is divine!

Now because my husband hates anything with mustard, I opted to leave the mustard out.  So I really just made a yummy, creamy mushroom sauce.  It’s now a go-to for us.  Hubby literally kicked his plate after he had seconds.

The recipe calls for mushroom broth or vegetable broth.  I decided to make my own mushroom broth. I bought dried chanterelles, dried shiitakes and dried porcinis.  I put them in water and boiled them for about an hr.  Added some salt.  Voila!  The perfect mushroom broth.  I then added the reconstituted mushrooms to my sauce at the end.  Perfection!

I forgot to take a pic of the final product.  Too busy eating it!  Haha!  But trust me, it is in my top 10 of things I’ve ever made!  This is seriously a great vegan recipe and a must try if you love mushrooms!  This one sticks for sure!  This pic below is the pic from the WholeFoods website.  Mine actually looked deeper in color but I think that’s cause of my really yummy broth!  Try it!!  You will love it!!



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