Crazy dough

I came across this recipe for crazy dough on Facebook.  The dough is supposed to be an all purpose dough….use it for pizza, rolls, pie crust, whatever!  Doesn’t that sound awesome!?!?  I thought so too.  The recipe is from the blog Kitchen Nostalgia, Here is a link to the recipe —> Crazy Dough For Everything.

The dough was really easy to make.  When I made it, it needed a lot more flour.  But that could be due to the humidity in the air here in FL.  

Here’s what my dough looked like.

I wanted to use the dough for chicken pot pies.  So I rolled the dough out as thin as I could and then lined some  mini pie shells and baked them.  They turned out golden and beautiful!   But puffed up and the crust pulled away.  Not good for a pie but certainly perfect for pizza!

For me personally, the taste just wasn’t where I liked it.  Super yeasty.  And I’m not a big fan of yeast.  So for me, I won’t be making it again.  But for anyone that likes yeasty rolls and bread….this would totally work!  My daughter really liked the taste of the dough.  And being how easy it was to make…I’d say it’s definitely a winner!  So all in all…I give it an OK!  Not gonna stick for me…..but good enough for anyone that likes a yeasty dough!



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