Two Ingredient Pumpkin Cake

We had some people over for our annual Fantasy Football draft the other night.  After eating our usual yummy football fare, my best friend was left feeling a bit wanting. Moshe wanted something sweet but not wanting anything chocolatety.  I remembered seeing a recipe for a cake that used only two ingredients…a can of pumpkin and cake mix.  So we googled around and found this recipe. 

Two Ingredient Cake –>

This couldn’t have been any easier.  You have to use an electric mixer…mixing by hand simply won’t work. The mixer is definitely the right tool to use.  And even though it’ll look like it won’t mix and you need water or oil….don’t….keep mixing.  It will come together and become the proper mixture.  The mixture came out pretty thick and almost clumpy. But never fear.  Here’s what mine looked like before baking.  I did mine in a cupcake pan only because I didn’t have a smaller cake pan.  I also used the cake mix that I had on hand in my pantry…not the one the original blogger used….but that’s ok.  I realized it didn’t matter.  So feel free to you whatever cake mix you have in your pantry.

I followed the instructions on the box…baked at 350 for about 20 mins.  They came out perfect!  Although they tasted great….I decided to make a cream cheese frosting to go with it.  Here’s a link to that recipe.  Easy cream cheese frosting from  Delish!  My only ding I would say would be to up the pumpkin taste as these only really have a hint of it.  Because I love anything pumpkin, I’ll probably add a tablespoon of pumpkin spice next time.  This recipe is super worthy of keeping!


This recipe sticks for sure!  Try it!



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