Low carb cheeze-its

Being on this low carb diet, I’ve had to get kind of creative with my recipes.  It also means that I am constantly Google-ing recipes.  Yesterday, I came across a recipe for making a low carb Cheeze-it.  Count me in!  I love cheese!!!  I’m pretty sure I’ll never be able to give up dairy!  But I digress.  I looked at the recipe and it was super easy.  Totally my kind of recipe!  

I went about my day and right before dinner Inhad to run to the grocery store to pick up some items.  While I was there, I remembered this recipe.  So I grabbed the Sargento Ultra Thin cheese packets and headed home.   This morning, I decided ton,aka them.  So I looked on Facebook.  Nothing.  Scrolled and scrolled and scrolled.  And nothing!!   Are you kidding me?!?!  Has that ever happened to you?!?  So annoying!!!!   I then went to search the Internet, and that only gave me similar recipes but not the same one.  So I then hit Pinterest.  Bam!  Found it!  But it wasn’t linked to any particular website or page.  So forgive me.  It’s just this pic below.

Talk about super easy.  That only downfall is having enough patience to wait for it while it bakes for 30-35 mins!

And voila!  Here it is!

These are sooooooo yummy and crispy!  Being on a low carb diet, I am not allowed to eat potato chips, which are my one and only vice!  Well that and alcohol but that’s another post!  😉  So these are the most perfect compliment!  These definitely stick!!  You need to try these!


Oh I forgot to mention, make a lot of these.  Cause they won’t be hanging around a long time!




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