Everyone loves pizza bites

I was totally craving pizza the other day.  But being that we are eating low carb, I had to get creative.  I typically do my Cauliflower Pizza Crust.  See here for my post about that.   But I wasn’t in the mood to go through making the crust.  I mean, I was in super lazy mode.  Then I remembered these little nuggets of awesomeness that I had made for Super Bowl snacks earlier this year.  Obviously they were a big huge hit!  Super easy and quick!


This recipe I found on Pinterest and was from Damndelicious.net blog.  Here is a link to her recipe –> Mini pizza bites.  It has to be pure genius that created these bites of awesomeness!  Besides being super easy, they are so versatile.  My hubby likes sausage and mushroom, I’m a pepperoni freak and my kids are plain Jane.  Whipping up all these different kinds at once is just to easy to explain.  You just try these!

Here’s a pic of how mine turned out.  Obviously not the best pic.  But boy were they yummy!  I also didn’t have the mini pepperoni’s on hand, so I used regular ones and cut them.  The mini ones are really perfect for these little bites.

Seriously, after you try these, you’ll always have these on hand to make for a quick lunch or snack!  I used lower carb tortillas to suit our diet right now, but using any brand would work great!  Enjoy!  These little babies stick for sure!!!



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