Dark chocolate Guiness cake with a Bailey’s cream cheese frosting

Oh yes you read that title right!  And if you are wondering if it’s as good as it sounds…well read on my friend!  So back near St. Patrick’s Day, my friend saw this awesome recipe on Facebook and posted it on my wall to get me to make it.  Well fast forward a few months and I forgot all about it.  But recently, she posted it again and I thought…ok now is the time!  We were celebrating a birthday but I was told there wasn’t going to be any cake at the party.  Well not on my watch!  

Here is a link to the recipe –> Dark Chocolate Guiness Cake.  Trust me…you will want to try this out!


I will preface this review with this one fact.  I am not a baker.  I try…but inherently I don’t do well baking from scratch.  With that said, this has got to be the easiest cake and icing recipe I’ve ever tried!  Whether you are a beginner baker or advanced…this is a must try!

Scared about baking with Guiness? Don’t be! I used Guiness from a can. It added so much moisture to the cake and a great depth of flavor. It doesn’t have a Guiness taste at all. In fact, I would’ve preferred some Guiness flavor. But it was so delicious that I was fine with it as is!


When I made this, I split the recipe so that I could make cupcakes and the cake.  So this recipe makes plenty for all!  

Yep, this recipe sticks for sure!!!


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