Chocolate + Pastry = YUMMY!!!!!

Yesterday I was making the delicious and easy sopapilla recipes and my youngest son, who I call “Kid 3”, wasn’t liking any of them.  Not sure why because I thought they were delicious!  But to each his own.  Kid 3 loves getting the chocolate pastries at Panera Bread.  So he asked if I could make him something like that.  No problem KId 3!  I’ll just consult my trusted Google search engine!

And then this delicious recipe came up on for Petits Pains Au Chocolate  –> or as I call them, Chocolate Pastries!

chocolate pastry

The recipe couldn’t be easier.  I love, love, love easy…can’t you tell!   Especially when it comes to baking!  The only ingredients you need are egg, puff pastry and chocolate.  I used Hershey chocolate mini bars.  I found they fit perfectly.  I cut up my pastry sheets into 12 squares.  I egg washed each side, put the the chocolate bar in the middle, laid a square piece on top and then crimped the edges.

Here’s a quick tip —  I use sugar underneath the puff pastry to keep it from sticking to my board.  Plus it makes it nice and sweet.  Win win!  Top your pastries with egg wash and bake.  Comes out perfect every time!

By the way, I use this same technique when making Guava pastries, obviously substituting chocolate for guava paste.  OMG…seriously amazing!  You must try it with Guava too!  I finish the chocolate pastries with a drizzle of chocolate syrup on top.  So delish!  Here’s how mine looked when they came out!


Kid 3 actually said they tasted better than Panera!  Now if that’s not the best compliment, I don’t know what is!  This recipe is definitely sticking!!  You must try it!



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