Filipino BBQ chicken

I’m pretty certain that everyone is a mutt…that is everyone’s heritage is made up of multiple ethnicities. Like me….my Mother is Filipino and my father is American. I’m a total mutt. And I love it!

Growing up, my Mom introduced us to so many delicious Filipino dishes. And a few not so delicious. Lol! The other day, I was googling some Filipino recipes and I came across this one for bbq chicken on the It’s a recipe adapted from Eating Club Vancouver. Here is a link to the recipe: Philippine BBQ Chicken.


My husband will tell you, I am not a chicken fan. I cook it only because he loves it so much. I didn’t eat much chicken ever, with the exception of Popeye’s fried chicken, until we got married. Then I had to learn to make it.

I like to find new recipes for chicken otherwise I get way too tired of it. When I came across this recipe, I knew I had to try it! We made it yesterday and it is definitely sticking! Super delicious! So much so, that he asked me to make more for us to have again this week.  Below is a pic of the chicken tonight after he pulled them off the grill.

The recipe is quite simple with very few ingredients. One surprise ingredient is Sprite. I know right??!! I’ve cooked with Coke before so I thought, ok I’ll try it. No regrets here! So yummilicious!!!  Oh and the secret???  Baste the chicken as much as you can while grilling!  I promise, it’s worth every bite!

This is a winner! Definitely try it!






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